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Medical Director 


Dr. Ng is a highly accomplished corporate physician and medical advisor, bringing a wealth of experience in various aspects of medicine to his role as the Medical Director at Queen's Medical Advisors (QMA).  He obtained his M.B.B.S from the University of Hong Kong and a Master's degree in Family Medicine from Monash University of Australia.  Dr. Ng holds full registration with the Medical Council of Hong Kong and the General Medical Council of the UK. 


With an impressive track record in the field of medicine, Dr. Ng has served as a Senior Medical Doctor for International SOS (ISOS) in Northern Asia for 20 years.  He has also consulted for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Security Bureau on medical support for overseas Hong Kong Chinese during emergencies, such as the tsunami in Southeast Asia.  Dr. Ng has provided medical support for the oil and mineral exploration industry, working with companies like BP and Shell on medical staffing and contingency planning.  Furthermore, he has been instrumental in setting medical and health standards for US corporations in Asian regions, including China and Indonesia, while conducting clinical audits to ensure medical and safety requirements are met. 


Dr. Ng is currently the Asia Corporate Physician for Goldman Sachs and the Group Medical Director for Jardine Matheson Group, including Manning and JLT.  In these roles, he has been responsible for managing individual medical conditions, establishing policies on sick leave, ergonomics, communicable disease, preventive care, indoor and outdoor air quality management, resilience training, employee relationships, and legal risk management.  He has also built a dedicated team of nurses and doctors throughout the Asia region. 


Dr. Ng's extensive medical training and experience as a senior corporate physician and medical advisor make him an invaluable asset to Queen's Medical Advisors.  His expertise and commitment to providing exceptional medical care and guidance will continue to benefit the organization and its clients. 

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